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Wine Trails - Discovering Great Wines In All 50 States


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Wine tours are a great way to experience the wineries of America.  Many of these wineries lie on wine trails to enhance the experience.  Wine  lovers can experience multiple wineries in a single day.  These wineries differ in their unique production of their wines.  Read on for more on these wineries.  This article talks about how you can take the wine trails and discover the wines in all 50 states of the US.

With over 6000 wineries, the U.S. has a wide array of choices for wine lovers. While most people think of traditional wine producing states like California when making their choice, more people are discovering award winning wines from other states not typically associated with wine production. If you've ever visited a small independent winery, chances are you've tasted a wine that you'd like to enjoy again. Now, with wine shipping laws loosening somewhat, the consumer has more choice than ever.

All of this is very good news for the wine industry, and wine lovers. Wine travel has become a passionate hobby, growing in popularity with each passing year. It used to be that wine travel revolved around California or France or Australia. And while those journeys are educational and rewarding, wine lovers are discovering equally rewarding wine destinations much closer to home.

As of 2008, each of the 50 states have at least one winery, and most states have dozens. Ideal climate conditions for growing grapes vary across the country, largely dependent on the type of grape being grown. Certain hardy varieties grow very well in the short growing seasons of the northeast and upper Midwest, while muscadines, among others, are plentiful in the south. The wide varieties of grapes result in an ever expanding availability of new, flavorful wines.

Most states have certain geographical areas with regional subclimates that are perfect for grapes. As a result, wineries tend to establish their operations in these areas. These clusters of wineries are known as wine trails. From Connecticut to Michigan and from Georgia to Idaho, these wine trails are waiting to be visited and savored by weekend travelers and wine lovers alike.

Currently, 31 states have officially designated wine trails. Typically, these clusters of wineries are within short driving distance of one another and offer lodging and other attractions of interest along the way. Most offer beautiful scenery and a sense of relaxation along with wine tasting and food and wine pairings.

You might be surprised with some of the states boasting at least one wine trail. In the southeast you'll find them in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. In the midwest, great wine is being made in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and more. If you're headed out west, look for wine travel destinations in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Idaho.

There's a whole world of wine waiting to be discovered, right in your backyard. One of the most interesting aspects of discovering new wine areas is the subtle taste differences in similar styles. For example, a port wine produced with Ohio grapes will have a different taste and feel than a port from Arizona. Each offer subtle differences that will open your palate to greater wine knowledge and exploration.

Finally, discovering a wine trail is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Many wineries have U-Pick fruit orchards and offer family oriented entertainment on the premises. Young children and teens will enjoy the scenery and the shopping experience at winery tasting rooms and gift shops. The fresh air, local attractions, and relaxing pace will create memories that will last a lifetime!

Jim Hofman is an author specializing in wine travel and is the owner of several websites devoted to the enjoyment of wine. To learn more about great wines being made in all 50 states, visit Jim's resource site devoted to wine trails and U.S. wine travel.


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Almost all of the major wine regions usually sponsor a wine tour, or have one of their own with their own winery. To get a better experience of the wines in a particular area, it is usually a good idea to take the wine tours that go to several wineries. They can be as simple as a bike tour to an expensive yacht trip.



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