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Affordable California Wine Tours


When looking to go on a wine tour ,sometimes the cost can make it prohibitive for experiencing all the ins and outs of a wine tour.  This article talks about how you can take a wine tour that is affordable and gives you the wine tour experience.  This article focuses on touring the California wineries, but the concepts can be used as well for other states and their wineries.

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There are several companies offering affordable California wine tours. Some tour organizers customize an itinerary to suit the particular requests and budget of the touring group. In this way, the group is able to visit the chateau/s it wants to see without going overboard with the costs. A majority of companies, however, offer a set program that is reasonably priced. The tours use cars and SUVs, limousines or buses. Other tours make use of bikes, ferries and hot balloons.

A wine tour on limousine is a luxurious yet low-cost way to explore the California wine country. The tour usually includes five chateaus with wine tasting at each. The limousine starts out a designated location and a small group of people with reservations will be together in the tour. The limousine chauffer then brings them to the different wineries. Limousine tours follow a strict schedule.

Bus tours also stick to a schedule. They depart at specific times from different locations. The tours usually go to five wineries as well. The same goes for ferry boat tours.

Bicycle tours are not just for the wine lovers but adventure seekers as well. Bike tours are nature trips as you go through different vineyards and enjoy the fresh, unpolluted air, the scenic greenery and mountains, lavish in the fragrant smells and hear the birds chirp. Bike tours are for experienced cyclists and new cyclists alike. You pedal at your own pace and you get to enjoy the food and wine at every stop.

Another fun yet inexpensive way to tour different wineries is through hot air balloon trips. You can have your drink as you float over the hills and enjoy the scenery. In one hour, the balloon covers three to seven miles. The pilot maneuvers the balloon to launch at the best site, where a van is waiting to transport the tourists through the chateau.

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Almost all of the major wine regions usually sponsor a wine tour, or have one of their own with their own winery. To get a better experience of the wines in a particular area, it is usually a good idea to take the wine tours that go to several wineries. They can be as simple as a bike tour to an expensive yacht trip.



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