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main [Member]
I got some help with this from a friend who is knowledgeable about wine etiquette at parties says the following...

"Generally speaking, it's bad form. If you've been invited somewhere and you bring a bottle of wine, it is considered a gift to the host(s). However, if it's a big party/potluck and there's tons of stuff left over and people are taking leftovers, etc. home, it seems perfectly acceptable, assuming that you also brought something else that was shared by the group (ie food or something). That's my take."

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In response to: Wine Etiquette With Ease

Jim [Visitor]
Hi, I Hope you can help me with a minor problem that I'm sure has a simple answer. We've known a certain couple for years and invite them over to our home from time to time for a dinner or sports event etc.. We've noticed that when they bring a bottle of wine, and it is not opened, they take with them when they leave. It seems very tacky to me but my wife does have an opinion either way. It's not a life/death matter as we'll keep seeing them but I'd just like to know if is indeed bad form. What say you?

Many thanks!

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