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Based on your account, you will have some or all of these features. Pick the package that gives you the benefits you are looking for!
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Your own full page advert

1 Add as much or as little information about your winery related business as you wish. Tell potential customers what wines and/or other services you offer.

Your web site and email

1 Display your email address for instant correspondance, link to your web site if you have one, Potential clients can also contact you directly from your page.

Print page options

5 Visitors can print your listing at the click of a button, or they can view a PDF version online.

Image gallery

3 Add a photo gallery of your wines, your vinyards or tour company!. A Picture paint a 1000 words!

List your products and services

6 Show potential customers information about your products and services. Include photos, descriptions, prices and even special offers with expiry dates. Good for cashing in on the holiday business or generating sales.

Document downloads

1 Add downloadable brochures, Word documents or flyers to your listing. The user can view them online, or print out and share with other wine enthusiasts. A great way to reach customers!

Edit your details at any time!

We let you manage your listing at any time using our web based interface. Make changes as often as you like!

Address and contact details

8Add your postal address + country, phone numbers and fax number. You can include any or all items, we recommend you give customers several ways to contact you.

Listings in multiple categories

For maximum exposure you can add your listing to more than 1 different, or similar categories.

Category specific "featured ads"

Visitors will see your ads in the right column as they browse. Ads are also displayed in the categories you place your ad for even more business exposure.

Premium listings available

While our basic listings are free of charge, we also offer tiered subscription levels that give you extra features. For a summary please see the comparison page.

Customer reviews

8Your customers can leave comments on our site praising your service or just telling the world what a great business you have! Additionally visitors can rate your listing from excellent to poor.

Banner ads options

For additional business exposure we offer banner ad placements throughout the site. These show on most browsing pages and in specific category for more targetted visitors.

Non-Stop advertising

The internet never sleeps and internet use is growing. More and more businesses are turning to web advertising to reach a whole new market at a cost effective price.

Get more exposure to targeted areas of your business.

9If you want to draw focus on a new information about your winery or wine related company, you can place the infomation here where visitors will be able to see and respond to it.

Get leads directly from this site.

9Visitors will be able to go directly to your site, or will be able to email you directly about inquires. This will also give you another inbound link to your site if you have one.

Keep your business in the minds of our visitors.

4Visitors will be able to go directly to your site, or will be able to email you directly about inquires. This will also give you another inbound link to your site if you have one.

Feature your award winning wines.

2A nice photo of your award winners with a description of the award really helps to increase sales and exposure to your best wines.

Generate more sales for your business.

You will be able to showcase your most profit producing products, or your most popular products. Making special offers available will help to increase sales.

Generate more visibility and extend your reach with minimal cost.

The more places you have your brochures and order forms, the more people you reach. You don't have additional printing costs to get your materials out to more potential customers.

You don't lose business because of wrong information.

Visitors who come to this site wont call a wrong #, or get sent off to a site that is no longer there. You can keep your information up to date and changes are reflected immediately!

You don't lose business because customers can't contact you.

7Visitors will be able to contact you in a way that is most comfortable for them. You will get a higher percentage of visitors contacting you.

Greater number of leads through more targeted exposure.

You will have double the exposure on this site, and that will lead to a greater number of potential customers contacting you.

Greater number of leads.

You will have increased exposure on this site, and will be able to implement branding of your busines, product or service as visitors see your ads. It will keep your business in their minds.

Tailor your marketing to suit your needs

You can choose the kind of exposure you want on our site. This also works well if you don't have a website, as you can place your information and list products and services on this website. If you already have a website, you can double your exposure. The more places that people can see your business online, the easier it will be for your customers to find you.

Get the most powerful marketing method available.

7There is no more powerful marketing than word of mouth and recommendations by others. You will be able to have your customers come and write a review for you where others can see it and be influenced by it.
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Increase the branding for your business.

Your banners will be seen in relevant categories by people interested in the category. You will have many more eyes looking at your business and remembering it.

Stay ahead of the curve

Give your business a competetive edge by increasing the exposure of your business on the internet. Take advantage of the Government laws that have relaxed the sale of wines in this country. As a winery, your market base has been increased 10-fold.
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