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See the Seneca Lake Wineries with the New York Wine Train


This article talks about the wineries in the New York State Finger Lakes Region.  The Finger Lakes region has some excellent weather for growing wine grapes,  Their Reislings are good quality as well as some of their other wines.  This article talks about one of the ways to see the wineries in the Seneca Lake region, which is via a wine train.  This is also a great way to experience the scenery and the small town feel of the region.  As the wines from this region become more popular, they will easily rival the wines coming out of California today.  Read on for how to find out more info about reserving a wine train seat for yourself.

Finger Lakes is one of the more beautiful regions of New York and the region produces quality wine. Now there is a train trip designed to explore the wineries of the region!

The Finger Lakes of western New York make up an abundant wine producing region. This area is what makes New York the second largest wine producing state (behind California) in the US. Named for their long thin shape, the Finger Lakes (and the region surrounding them) create a climate perfect for growing grapes and producing many different types of wines – from dry champagnes to full bodied Pinot Noir. With flavors rivaling those found in French wines, the 30 plus wineries of the Finger Lakes region have become a popular draw for tourists – and wine train tours Finger Lakes area offers are also a great way to pass time here.

The Finger Lakes Scenic Railway (315-374-4994) is a great way to see the Finger Lakes area – but it is not specifically geared towards wine tours. Instead, this railway is available to tourists visiting the Finger Lakes region who want to enjoy a nostalgic ride along a section of railroad track dating back to 1835. Reopened as a commercial and freight track back in 1995, this 118 mile long section of track offers commercial customers a way to transport their items through central and western New York. In 2000, the Finger Lakes Scenic Railway opened its services up to passengers who wanted to relive the train travel experience.

Public excursions are scheduled every month of the year, with parties, dinners and other activities included along with the train ride. You can also hire the train for private excursions – some people choose to book the Railway for parties and weddings, while others choose to take group wine tours and other trips along the railroad. Once your ride on the rails is finished (it starts in Geneva, New York and you can also return to this depot), you can choose to explore one of the three main wine trails located in the Finger Lakes region.

While there are no specific wine train tours Finger Lakes offers, you can definitely enjoy the Seneca Lake Wine Trail after a scenic trip on the Railway. With 31 vineyards located on this trail alone, you will be sure to find a winery that produces a wine you will enjoy. Starting in Geneva at the northern tip of Seneca Lake, and ending in Watkins Glen, you will find all of these wineries dotting the shores of the lake. Popular Finger Lakes wineries like Fox Run Vineyards and Penguin Bay Winery and Champagne House are located among the selection of wineries here, and this area is a perfect compliment to your railway ride.

Enjoying the scenery of western New York while visiting the many vineyards in the Finger Lakes area can turn a short trip into a longer, more relaxing one. Be sure to plan plenty of time to do some sightseeing as well as wine tasting when you try the wine train tours of Finger Lakes.

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