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If you love Chianti wine and want to know more about it and some of the Chianti wineries in the US, well, this article delivers on the first half. There is quite a bit of information on chianti and thee Sangiovese grapes it comes from but little on the… more »


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Ever since the news has come out on the Internet about the Charles Shaw wines, or as they are also affectionately known 2 buck Chuck, the wines have been flying off of the shelves at Trader Joe's. Many people who are not wine experts insist that this wi… more »


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Vendange Wine from California is made by the Canandaigua Wine Company out of New York, which is a division of a larger conglomerate company. The Vendange wine was the 15th most popular wine in the United States that was ordered by restaurants in 2005.… more »


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Inglenook wine is a restaurant house wine from Centerra Wine Co that you can usually only find and enjoy in restaurants that carry this particular brand of wine. The grapes of this wine come from the Yountville Vineyard and the consumer clone version th… more »


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Well, apparently there IS a place where you can get Copper Ridge wine! The only place online that I have seen it is at this online store. They have the Copperridge Chardonnay '04 for $6 per bottle and the Copperridge Merlot '04 also for $6 per bottle.… more »


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In some of the websites I manage that relate to wines, wineries and vineyards, I get the occasional, but recurring question... "I tried Copper Ridge wine at the local resturant and loved it, where can I purchase it?", or "Where is the Copper Ridge Winer… more »
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