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Napa Valley wineries are quite popular worldwide and within the United States as well.  This article talks about the Pine Ridge winery, some of its history and some of the wines they create.  Read on for more about this Napa Valley winery.


Pine Ridge Winery is located on the Silverado Trail in Napa California. It's amazing in Napa what a difference about a mile can make as wineries located on the historic route 29 which is only road into and out of the Valley, are so much busier and well known then the wineries located only a mile away on the Silverado Trail.

Pine Ridge was created in the classic French Chateau style of a winery that aims to produce the highest quality wine in the world. Pine Ridge follows through on this promise by taking pride in ownership, being stewards of their land and spares no expense when it comes to technological upgrades which make better, more consistent wine from year to year.

The way that the winery chooses to conduct harvest shows how seriously they take the winemaking craft. To start they harvest at night so that the temperatures of fermentation are never higher then they should be. Secondly, every berry which goes into a fermentation tank is inspected by hand to make sure it is not only ripe, but that it is free from rot or any dirt or debris from the vineyard.

Another perfect example of how Pine Ridge sees their wine as the most important part of their business is that their winemaker, Michael Beaulac is also the winery general manager. This means that the winemaker, not a business executive has final say on purchases, staff and everything that goes into the bottle on your table. We find that these type of arrangements not only spur innovation by the winemaker, but they allow more consistent vintages from year to year because costs are not cut on the wine site of the business.

Located in the Stag's Leap district of the Napa American Viticultual Area, the Cabernet Sauvignon from Pine Ridge shows the best characteristics of the AVA. Rich texture, elegant tannins and chocolate, cherry and currant flavors literally explode out of the glass. The winery also focuses on other Bordeaux style blends which are what have made the winery famous among wine connoisseurs the world over. The Merlot and Cabernet Franc are also both critically acclimated and when combined with Beaulac's winemaking skill show the best of what Napa can offer wine drinkers.

If you are ready to spare no expense for a classic Napa wine in the French style, give either their FORTIS or Andrus Reserve a try, either would be an excellent choice for a special evening.

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California has the largest number of wineries of any state in the Union.  As a result, when many people talk about wineries in California, they tend ot focus on the different viticultural areas, such as Temecula, Napa Valley, or Sonoma (there are many more than that however).  Northern California includes Napa and Sanoma valleys and have their own unique wines that they are well known for.  This blog post talks about the Northern California wine country and some of the great getaways that are available to wine lovers.

Here are some videos on Northern California Wine Country

Napa Valley in Four Season Northern California Wine Country

Wine Country in Four Season - A photography compilation by SFBayImages.com featuring vineyards in winter, spring, summer and fall harverst. Music by Incendio from their Album INTIMO - Tango para Abel - with permission. CD available at www.incendioban...


Destination.... - Destination Napa Sonoma Wine Country

The Napa Valley and Sonoma County are world renowned wine regions hosting almost four hundreds wineries. Napa and Sonoma are a microcosm of Northern California, containing tremendous natural and cultivated beauty. Visit one of California's most popul...


Kenwood, Sonoma County, Wine Country Rental.

Kenwood, Sonoma County, Wine Country Rental. www.vrbo.com


Here is an article titled "Northern California Winery: Various Travel Getaways To Choose From"

Northern California winery community has got the most generally put into practice green wine-making and wine-growing technique in the world and one of the few that measures and records statewide effectiveness. This system has earned California's top ecological award. Regretfully, many excellent wine choices have already been destroyed resulting from lack of stability in temperature and moisture. High temperature (>65ºF) causes your wine to age too soon, thus getting rid of its flavor and balance. When chilled too cold, your wine also loses its flavor and aromas. Keep your wines away from sunlight as well as heat exposure; store them in cellars, wine refrigerator, and even heat operated rooms. Vast fluctuation in temperature will ruin your wine and the cork. Ideally suited choice of temperatures for storing dark wine is 50-55ºF or 10-16ºC. White wines is often kept at lower ranges at 45ºF.

Northern California winery tour is appropriate for Valentine's day activities. It is most important event of the month. California winery is the perfect amorous area for a holiday with your loved one. When you're trying to relax in the Napa Valley, Sonoma or Healdsburg, you may be far too late reserving that fantastic B&B and that most popular intimate eatery. You might find a couple of open spots this late in the Napa Valley in the towns of Calistoga, Sonoma or Geyserville.

Popular Northern California county Calistoga is actually a more laid-back city with a lot more casual restaurants and hotels establishments. Calistoga mightn't have the panache of the other Napa Valley villages nevertheless it really comes with something the other neighborhoods don't have, mud baths and hot springs. Geyserville, several miles north of Healdsburg, is perhaps all of 2 blocks long but provides quite a few wonderful tasting rooms and one of the hottest eating places in the neighborhood. Try out these spots for several superb and reasonably priced lodgings.

You can get vineyards to enjoy in most of California, from Temecula in the south near San Diego to the Northern California Coast in Mendocino County to the Foothills of the Sierras. Quite possibly the most famous, however, is the Napa Valley but there are amazing wine producers throughout the state. As shown in Sideways, you can get excellent Pinot Noirs from Santa Barbara County. Regardless of your wine you want, you can find amazing good examples all through California. Napa Valley is a wine touring region to find almost anything from fine Cabernet Sauvignon to Chardonnay to Ports. Napa Valley is by far essentially the most visited wine region in California. Consequently, it probably gets the best developed tourist amenities from accommodations to restaurants to winery tours. As a result, it is also by far the most crowded of Northern California winery regions.

Northern California winery capital Napa County includes 485,120 acres with 45,000 acres planted in vineyards. This makes up about 4% of wine manufacturing in California. One can find over three hundred vineyards ranging from small family operation and not using a tasting room to the huge vacation spot vineyards with top notch galleries, steady chefs, and renowned international division. A few vineyards have background and facilities, going back to the late 1800's, while some are new functions with state of the art apparatus making small amounts of highly desired wines. 5 million visitors descend upon the region annually with most coming through throughout the summer or through the harvest in the fall. World-class hotels, resorts, eating places and spas contribute to the areas good quality reputation.

Gnekow Family Winery is pleased with the wines they develop, the location they represent along with the folks who enable them to develop "Great Wines at Great Prices". Buy wines in stores, check out the wine online, or explore the incredible Northern California winery! Get in touch with them at 1(888) 446-3569 to obtain a free of charge tour!


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Kentucky is known for many things, coal mining, tobacco, and pot among a number of other things.  But is Kentucky known for it's grapes?  Specifically wine grapes?  There are a few wineries in Kentucky and there are some areas that are ideal for growing grapes as well.  In this article, the author  discusses the history of the grape industry in Kentucky.  Read on for more!

Here is a video on Kentucky wineries and vineyards:

Kentucky Wineries and Vineyards


Featuring Equus Run Vineyard, this look at Kentucky's agritourism shows the fun and entertaining side of this popular destination for music, wine tasting and dining.


Here is an article titled: "Is Kentucky Wine Country?"

In the great state of Kentucky much of the tobacco farming is phasing out and wine grapes are moving in. The Northern Kentucky Vintners and Grape Growers Association envision a wealth of vineyards nestled among the rolling hills of Kentucky.

The heritage of wine making in the United States that started in Kentucky over two hundred years ago continues today. Many European immigrants planted extensive vineyards in Kentucky. In 1798, the nation's first commercial vineyard was planted in Nicholasville, Kentucky by a Frenchman named Jean Jacques Dufour, winemaker for the Marquis de LaFayette. It was backed by money from several prominent statesmen, including Henry Clay. By 1860, Kentucky was the nation's third largest grape and wine producer in the United States. Unfortunately, Prohibition came in the 1920's putting an abrupt halt to the state's winemaking as grapevines were literally uprooted from the ground.

Today of course the story is much different. The grape industry in Kentucky is experiencing resurgence. New vineyards are being planted and new wineries are being built. The Kentucky winemakers believe that the only way to make great wines is to intimately know what grows best on Kentucky soil. The climate in Kentucky, characterized by warm, yet moist conditions is perfect for growing well balanced grapes. The summers are usually warm and the winters cool. Fortunately for Northern Kentucky, the Ohio River moderates the winter cold and can shield grapes from freezes. Like those who came before them more than 200 years ago, Kentucky winemakers are making the finest award winning wine Kentucky soil has to offer.

There are many Kentucky wineries where visitors can enjoy wine tours and tastings. They offer a unique, relaxing weekend getaway all wrapped up in warm southern hospitality. Stroll through a sun-drenched vineyard and learn how today's winemakers are carrying on this wonderful ancient craft. And because they're so many located throughout the state, it's an experience that's close to you no matter where you travel in Kentucky.

Anna Bradford is an author and blogger for Habco Services Group. If you haven't experienced the best wine that the great Commonwealth of Kentucky now provides, visit Elk Creek Vineyards. Aside from being the largest winery in the State of Kentucky, Elk Creek Vineyards offers their Kentucky wine available for sale online. Or, you can visit the winery in person for a tour and tasting.


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FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky wineries brought home 32 medals, including two double gold's, five golds, 12 silver and 12 bronze medals at the Indy International.

Publish Date: 08/10/2010

Kentucky's wine industry is back | Kentucky Land Sales Newsletter ...

KENTUCKY WINERIES WIN AWARDS IN INDIANA, IOWA COMPETITIONS Posted: Aug 11, 2010 11:25 AM Updated: Aug 11, 2010 11:54 AM Kentucky wineries brought home 32.

Publish Date: 08/11/2010

Kentucky Wineries Win Awards In Indiana, Iowa Competitions – LEX18 ...

Kentucky Wineries Win Awards In Indiana, Iowa Competitions LEX18 Lexington KY News Kentucky wineries brought home 32 medals, including two double golds and five golds, at the Indy International Wine Competition in West Lafayette, … ...

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The wineries around Ithaca, New York are right in the heart of the Finger Lakes Wine region.  I went to school near there and the weather is great for producing the grapes that make wonderful wine.  It is no wonder why New York is gaining incredible popularity in their wines.  If you want to really explore the region, it may be useful to take some of the many wine tours or go on the wine trails of the area and see for yourself how these wines can get you to put New York on your list of great wine regions.


Although most people look to the West Coast for the top wineries in the United States, New York has a lot to offer the wine enthusiast. Exploring wineries in Ithaca, New York, is a good way to verify this.

Ithaca, a small town located in western New York, may not seem like the place to go for great wine. A closer look, however, shows that Ithaca is located in the Finger Lakes region of New York, a region that is known for producing some of the United States' best wines. New York wines are gaining in popularity - due to the different varieties of wines and blends that are produced here. The climate and soil is excellent for growing grapes, and Ithaca winery excursions are becoming a large part of many tourists' vacations in the area.

One of the most popular winery exploration packages in the Ithaca area is offered by Finger Lakes Winery (315-828-6289), based out of nearby Geneva, New York. Finger Lakes Winery offers many different forms of transportation for your experience; including stretch limousines, cars, buses, and trolleys. The company is willing to pick you up from any spot in New York State (although most people choose to stay in the Finger Lakes region). The company is also willing to create a custom private experience for you and your group, and can accommodate groups that are large or small in size.

When touring the wineries of western New York, you have a choice of several different "wine trails". The Seneca Wine Trail is most often recommended to people who only have a short amount of time to see the area. There are over 30 different wineries that are located on this trail, and each of them is open and willing to do tastings for groups. Many different varieties of wines are produced on this trail, and you will be able to taste all of the different types from the region while visiting this area. The Cayuga Wine Trail is a bit more relaxed - here, you can take the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Finger Lakes region as well as see the vineyards.

The Keuka Wine Trail includes eight wineries, but some of these are the most well known of the area. Your trip on this trail starts with a horse drawn hayride through a vineyard, and you will learn about the wine making process while riding. Additionally, you can enjoy the scenery of beautiful Keuka Lake (one of the few "Y" shaped lakes in the world) as well as stopping at world renowned wineries Bully Hill and Dr. Frank.

Experiencing all of the wineries in Ithaca, New York, can't be done in a single day, so if you want to see all three of the wine trails, you will need to spend quite some time here. Of course, the beauty and surroundings of the Finger Lakes make a longer vacation here very enjoyable.

Xavier Moldini is with WineriesforYou.com - information on wine tours throughout the world.


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Texas isn't normally known for its wine  but being the largest  state in the lower 48, it stands to reason that there would be a few wineries located within the state as there is space for many vineyards to grow grapes.  There are several wineries in Texas, the Messina Hof Winery being one of them.  This article talks about the history of wine in Texas.


Although Texans have made wine since the frontier days, they have always had trouble getting any respect for their craft. One visitor from the 19th century complained that the handcrafted local wines made from wild grapes were too sour.

More recently, when the state's wineries began modern production, unappreciative outsiders labeled the Texas wine and wineries "Chateau Bubba" as a derision.

Although this probably had some truth to it in the past, it hides much of the reality. The very same Spanish priests who introduced vineyards and wine to California, also cultivated grapes in Texas by the 18th century. Although little is known about the quality of the mission wines, there is evidence that some later European settlers (particularly Germans and Czechs) were accomplished vintners. They developed ways to make good wine from native mustang grapes, and they passed their knowledge to several generations up to the present.

At the turn of the century, these same poor wild grapes actually played a large part in turning around and saving the French wine industry from disaster. When a plant louse epidemic called phylioxera attacked vineyards everywhere, a Texas vintner named T. V. Munson found a solution by grafting French vines onto the more disease-resistant Texas grape vines. Munson is still a hero in France and the Napa Valley of California.

Before Prohibition started in 1920, there were at least 16 commercial wineries in Texas. The only one to survive Prohibition was Val Verde in Del Rio. They closed until the end of Prohibition in 1933, but rep-opened after it was repealed. Val Verde remained the only commercial winery in Texas, until the 1970's, when a national wine boom started a revival of production in the state.

The very first bottles from these new commercial wineries may not have been very good, but they improved at a rapid pace. Starting in the 1980's, Texas wines were and continue to be regular winners in wine competitions throughout the country, taking metals in many categories.

Some of the larger wineries of Texas today include Llano Estacado, Pheasant Ridge, Sainte Genevieve, Fall Creek, Sister Creek, Messina Hof, Moyer, Slaughter Leftwich, Grape Creek, and a growing number of other wine producers.

Texas wine today is truly an international treasure, and is no longer labeled as the "Chateau Bubba" of wine making. It can now stand up with the great wines of the rest of the world, and continues to grow in quality and reputation.

Billy Bristol is the editor and chief bbq pitmaster for TexasBarbeques.com, an outdoor cooking and entertaining website devoted to backyard living. TexasBarbeques.com has been providing barbecue recipes, cooking tips, grilling techniques, and backyard entertainment ideas since 2005.
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Billy is also the writer and editor for Food in Texas, a website devoted to the celebration of traditional homemade Texas Food. With simple recipes and cooking ideas that bring out the best in classic Texas cuisine, Food in Texas is creating its own culinary legacy.
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An article about Oregon Wineries and Vineyards.  Oregon wine is popular in the US as it should be because some of the best wines do come out of Oregon.


For a time our son lived in Anacortes, Washington. A summer not long ago, my wife and I traveled up Interstate 5 along the west coast to visit him. The scenery along I-5 was like looking at a collection of mail home postcards. Once we hit the Oregon State line, another common thread of notoriety was the vast number of wineries and vineyards we saw along the way. We decided to slow our trip and spend time exploring and learning more about Oregon Wine Country.

We learned that there are currently over 400 wineries and 875 vineyards in the state. Planted acreage is over 19,000 acres, which makes the average vineyard about 20 to 25 acres. Oregon wine growers are mostly small, family-owned operations by people with a deep love for and an enduring responsibility to care for the land. Many of these small producers make 5,000 cases of wine or less. What they lack in production they gain in quality by their careful attention to details. Oregon is currently ranked third in the U.S. with regard to the number of wineries. Oregon wine sales in 2008 were nearly 1.75 million cases and production today is approaching 2.0 million cases.

There are six wine growing zones in Oregon scattered throughout the western base of the Cascade Mountains. The zones are 1) Rogue Valley, 2) Umpqua Valley, 3) South Willamette Valley, 4) North Willamette Valley, 5) Columbia Valley and 6) Walla-Walla area. Zones 1 through 4 can easily be accessed using U.S. Interstate Highway 5. Zones 5 and 6 are best accessed using U.S. Interstate Highway 84. Using Portland as a starting point head south on Interstate 5 to the towns of Eugene, Roseburg and Medford to tour Zones 1 to 4. Use I-84 going east from Portland to tour Zones 5 and 6. With the large number of wineries and vineyards, I recommend you contact one of the many Oregon Wine Tour businesses to set up the perfect trip for your wine taste and interests.

Many of the Oregon wine grapes, especially the cool-zone grown varieties, exhibit high levels of a potent antioxidant derived from grape skins called resveratrol. Antioxidants have been known to have positive effects on one's health. Wine drinking in moderation, according to recent studies, exhibited health benefits of improved heart health and decreased incident of illness. About 65 percent of the grapes cultivated are of the red varieties, while 35 percent are of the white.

The top five wine varieties are cultivated on about 85 percent of the total planted acreage of 19,300 acres. Pinot noir is the most cultivated variety on nearly 59 percent of the total planted acreage. Pinot gris is cultivated on about 14 percent of the acreage; Chardonnay on about 5 percent; Reisling on about 4 percent and Cabernet Sauvignon on about 3 percent. Other wine varieties you could often in counter include Syrah, Gewurztraminer, Viognier, Cabernet France, Zinfandel, Sauvignon blanc and Pinot blanc. With close to 70 different varieties known to be cultivated, it is reasonable to assume you will easily find one to fit your taste.

If you are considering a tour of Oregon Wine Country, plan to go in October or November. During this time of year, you will be able to experience a collaboration of wine makers, cheese makers, brew masters, chefs, growers and producers. The annual celebration is called Oregon Bounty, a unique Oregon event. This unique event could very well provide you with some tips to making your next wine tasting party a favorite with your friends. Remember to enjoy your wine to the greatest extent by storing it and serving it at just the right temperature.

Author: Ronald Senn, Vice-president, Ideal Wine Coolers

About the Author

Ronald Senn is currently Vice-president of Ideal Wine Coolers. Ron served in the U.S. Navy from 1966-1970. Ron graduated from the University of Arizona with BS and MS Degrees. Ron is retired from the U.S. Forest Service after serving over 30 years.

Come visit our website: http://www.idealwinecoolers.com/page/home/index.html Also visit our blog: http://www.winecoolerblog.com

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The Napa Valley wineries are some of the most well known in the world.  California has a lot of viticultural areas that provide key environment for growing grapes that make world class wines.  These wineries are quite popular and well known in the country.  Find out about some of the more popular wineries from the Napa Valley.

The real taste of wine just cannot be experienced at a wine shop but can truly be enjoyed in the wine country itself. It provides us the best and the most lovable wines taste there. You enjoy its taste with beautiful surroundings, landscapes, grapevine gardens and best wineries. The best accommodations are available, along with best travel agencies facilities who helps us in going around the wineries. It helps to get knowledge about the wineries also.

WINE country is a place in United States, a region of Northern California. It is the worlds best producing winery place. Viticulture is a process through which wine is made out of the grapes. There are many wineries located in this area mostly in the valley regions, including Napa valley in Napa County, Alexander valley, Dry Creek valley, Sonoma valley, Russian River valley and Bennett valley in Sonoma County.

The tour of Napa valley is the unique touring experience. It will take you through the best wineries of the valley. Giving you the rich experience of the best wineries. The itinerary will include some of the unknown facts about the wines. There are many world famous wineries such as:

o V.SATTUI Winery

RUTHER FORD RANCH Winery is located centrally at the world famous Rutherford appellation in the hub of Napa valley. They are regarded as Napa's best valued winery because they have been producing the most quality wine through the years. The wine makers have detailed knowledge about different grapes and a proper mixture is done to attain a good wine.

ANDRETTI Winery is also a well known winery in Napa valley because it is named after the famous race car driver Mario Andretti and also for its Italian style and process of wine making. Apart from producing good wines it also has good gardens which add to its rich taste. Its Mario Andretti who taught of owing a winery after a wine was named after him.

V.SATTUI Winery is not only where good wine is their but also has some beautiful landscapes. It allows you to taste different wines along with olives and rare cheese to taste the different varieties. It has won gold medals for its excellent producing of wines of various tastes and of various price levels. It believes in rendering service to different levels of people.

DOMAINE CHANDON Winery is one of the famous winery visited for its beautiful estates in Napa valley. It presents the beauty of Napa valley on its ground as it has huge collection of art work. Apart from the magnificent lands there is a beautiful view from its tasting room.

SIGNORELLO Winery it produces only a limited quantity of rich premium wines. The classic French wines are hand crafted using the best California grown fruits. It uses only the harvesting fruits to lush and prepare premium wines.

A tour of this wine country will certainly provide an everlasting experience and a great knowledge about rare wines. The tour will be an adventurous as well as an exciting trip.

Shijina is a SEO copywriter for Wine country tours. She has written various articles like Napa valley tours, Napa tours, Sonoma valley tours , California wine tours and more. For more information visit our site winecountrytourshuttle.com. Contact me mail at winecountryshuttle@gmail.com.


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Most people who are familiar with wine are familiar with the wineries in California, and specifically they are familiar with the wineries of Northern California, Napa and Sonoma valleys.  The hidden gem of California are the wineries that are located in the souther part of the state.  Ther viticultural areas located in this part of the country are also good environments for wine grapes.  This article talks about the 3 main areas in Temecula, San Diego, and Los Angeles.  Read on for more:


You might be surprised to know that Napa Valley and Sonoma County, although they are world-renowned wine regions, are not the end of California wine country. Southern California wineries open up a whole new world of wine for the people who are lucky enough to discover and make the effort to explore the area. If you're a wine lover, then you will want to visit the wine growing areas of Los Angeles, San Diego and Temecula.

Wineries in Los Angeles

When you think of L.A. you probably think of Hollywood... not vineyards. But L.A. is home to a number of small, family wineries that are definitely worth checking out. They tend to be spread out in all directions, especially from downtown, so plan on making several day trips if you want to visit them all. Sip Merlot, Chardonnay, Reisling, Cabernet Sauvignon and others in all directions... the choice is yours!

Wineries in San Diego

San Diego sees a ton of tourists each year, but most of them aren't coming for the wine... and they are missing out.

You'll find many wineries tucked in to the foothills around San Diego county. The towns of Warner Springs, Escondido, Ramona and others are home to some wonderful local wineries. The historic town of Julian, for example, has six wineries for you to explore. You can enjoy them all on a day trip, or spend the night in one of the several bed and breakfasts.

Wineries in Temecula

From San Diego, head north for about an hour to experience the gorgeous countryside of Temecula. Temecula is a wine area, so you can sip your way through several different wineries all in one day. The best way to experience this area is to stay the weekend so you can explore not just the wineries, but the area itself. This is a rural California village in all its beauty, with charming wooden sidewalks, sparkling lakes... and of course, lots of opportunities to browse for antiques. While you're there, take in a few rounds of golf, explore the historic buildings, and even go for a hot-air balloon ride. Temecula is a great vacation destination, whether you are a wine lover or not.

As you can see, Southern California wineries are well worth a visit whether you are an amateur wine lover or a serious wine connoisseur. Choose one region and go for the day, or make it a longer vacation and take in as much of the area as you can! Either way, Southern California is a wonderful area to sip your way through. Next...

Discover more about Southern California Wineries at www.wines-vineyardtours.com</a>


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Another area that must be part of a southern California winery tour is the Temecula Valley, to the south east of LA. There are about 25 wineries here and you will find that the hot dry conditions are modified by the higher altitudes. ...

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With the popularity of California, Washington, New York and Virginia Wineries getting most of the attention, there are other states that are making their claim in the winery circles.  Arizona, Ohio and Georgia wineries are on their way as well.  This article talks about the Georgia wineries and what they are doing to get the word out about their wine offerings.

Georgia Wineries have finally obtained the rightful place on the tables of the high and mighty in society. It never looked more promising as now, considering that before the 1970s, the vineyards of Georgia were nothing more than small family outfits that were struggling to make their experiment work with a lot of setbacks on the way.

In the 1970s, a lot of effort was made to make this work. Many family vineyards were started, with new wineries coming up, and many homes welcomed guests with their very own glasses of wine. From the new breed of vintages that were beginning to make a lot of progress with European grapes, French-American mixed breeds even tried the Native American types. All this work and effort as well as trust in what they were doing did not go in vain. Now, the harvest is rich, and the fields are green with vineyards that are a crowd puller. Yes, Georgia Wineries have become something of a tourist attraction.

Georgia Wineries are now producing some of the best and award-winning wines that are drawing tourists from across the continent. This transformed place, which was once simply described as a Peach State, is now the place that is quickly gaining national recognition. Many tours have been arranged for visitors who come from far and wide to have a glimpse of these world famous vineyards, and of course, these tours combined with wine tasting are some of the events on the itinerary of the visits.

Guests are able to join a professional tour guide and are taken around the winemaking facility; visiting the bottling and cask room, with the trip usually concluding with wine tasting. Tours for large groups and private ones are also available and are prearranged by request as a matter of course. These are huge enterprises that produce up to 40,000 cases of wine from hundreds of acres of vineyards. The winemakers are from the modern school which knows how to turn winemaking into an art and a science of its own class. They are able to combine both the traditional and modern technology to produce the very best wines ever created. The traditions that are passed over from generations of winemaking families in France, Germany and America are responsible for this wonderful mix. This quickly shows that Georgia Wineries are a beautiful blend of the best of the traditional flavors and the new.

The Winegrowers Association of Georgia is a body responsible for promoting and marketing the Georgia wineries in terms of improving the market environment for the wines, increasing public awareness of Georgia wines, and working in the area of research to help in the wine industry. They work to improve the vinification and viticultural techniques that help them to produce even better wines. The Georgia Wineries are known to stretch all the way from Savannah to Young Harris. The wonderful surprise is that all over Georgia, you will notice huge tracks of land under grapevines. French, German, Italian and American wine grapes are grown all over the State of Georgia.

Those wine connoisseurs have realized, to their utter amazement, that what the Native Americans had believed in all along is finally coming to pass. Georgia Wineries are coming of age. The most innovative way of introducing awareness of Georgian wine to the world is by way of wine tasting tours. These tours pull great crowds, and wine tasting tours have gained momentum throughout the state due to the popularity of various Georgia-grown vintages.

This is a new form of tourism that most people are not aware of upon arrival in Georgia. The citizens say that it is a form of agro-tourism that draws visitors to the Georgia wineries, or if you like, vineyards in droves. This is the place to be, and as a visitor, it is also recommended to take a day of golf at the Big Canoe.

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Every state in the US has a winery... even Alaska!  The thing is however is that most states are not known for their wines.  Many of these states have not had the time tested industry experience of wine making, taking account of the weather conditions in the regions and how they affect the quality of grapes.  The soil composition is a key factor in how the grapes turn out.  Many of these things are trial and error because each region has it's own weather and soil combination.  This article talks about some of the wineries in Scottsdale Arizona and what they are known for.

Now that we've established that one need not fly to France, Italy or even Napa Valley to enjoy a world class, home grown Merlot - let's delve further into a few of the guilty pleasures of living in luxurious Scottsdale Arizona! The following three wineries comprise the cream of the crop in Southwestern wine manufacturing. More than simply a destination, the journey to reach these quaint, yet flourishing establishments is part of the joy, as the desert sands give way to grassy fields and majestic oak forests just south of the Scottsdale luxury home communities.

Callaghan Vineyards - The world renowned Callaghan Vineyards is still a treasure to behold for the Scottsdale winery aficionados. Founded two decades ago, Callaghan has carved a cozy niche in the scene based on the popularity of both the reds and whites yielded from their hilly 25 acres of Spanish and Mediterranean vines. Additionally, the family owned business has been known to incorporate the best wines from neighboring vineyards to feature at their relaxing, public tasting tours each weekend.

Dos Cabezas WineWorks - If anyone dare challenge the validity of Arizona's wine production expertise, the Dos Cabezas family is here to quench your thirst for an answer. Nestled within the unique and scenic landscape around the Corona National Forest, this prestigious company has won industry accolades and (according to their site) been enjoyed at the White House. Such acclaim might go to the heads of other grape smashers, but this relaxed, family-owned WineWorks is more concerned with providing a delicious and pleasurable escape for the casual tasters looking for a fun reason to draw them out of their comfortable Scottsdale luxury homes.

Sonoita Vineyards - With a rich soil surprisingly similar to Burgundy, France, Sonoita has the distinction of being the region's oldest vineyard dating back to 1983 (with the founder's tasty experiments beginning a decade prior!). At an elevation of 5000 feet above sea level, the picturesque setting and gold medal winning wines lure the Cabernet lovers especially from their luxury homes Scottsdale. Boasting over a dozen wines to choose from, Sonoita Vineyards rolls over 40 acres of glorious vines, framed by majestic mountains in the Southern region of the State. This is a romantic destination after the breathtaking journey south for those looking to explore the finest of Scottsdale wineries.

Founding Sandra Wilken Luxury Properties in 1995, Sandra Wilken was first recognized for representing major developments in Scottsdale, including The Phoenician and Gainey Ranch, and in recent years has grown to service Arizona's most prestigious communities in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Biltmore area of Phoenix. For more information about Wineries in Scottsdale or Scottsdale Luxury Properties please visit us at: Scottsdale Luxury Homes

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