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Wine Manufacturing - ABCs of Grape Growing and Wine Making


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This article just covers the basics 1000 foot view of the topic of growing wine grapes.  While you do get some basic information of the purpose of different aspects of grape growing, you don't really receive a step by step on how to turn the grapes into wine.  You get more understanding on the actual grape growing process as well.  Read on for more, or click below to get more info on the entire wine making process.

Growing Grapes and Making Your Own Wine


The Article:

The processes involved in how to grow grapes and make wine are as old as the ancient human civilizations. And except for a few changes, wine making has essentially remained the same for thousands of years. At present, wine is still enjoyed by everyone on every occasion, special or otherwise. For that, wine continues to be a very satisfying and lucrative endeavor for many people. But before you can even talk about the steps that comprise the making of wines, you first have to know a thing or two about its primary ingredient - grapes.

Knowing how to grow grapes for wine making starts with knowing the two different varieties used by renowned winemakers. The first one is made up of the European grapes. Often, this variety is used in traditional vineyards found in Europe and California. These grapes grow under ideal weather conditions. The second type of grapes is made up of the hybrids. If the ideal conditions for grapes do not last long in your area, your next best choice will be to use this variety. These types of grapes have been known to withstand the harshness of winter. Knowing the types of grapes is important not just for determining the suitability of your local climate patterns, but also in figuring out what type of wine to produce, say, white or red.

The most remarkable thing to keep in mind on how to grow grapes is the fact that this plant is perennial by nature. That means a grapevine can live on and produce fruit for decades. But being perennial can also signify that it takes longer for a vine to grow and bear fruits. Actually, you would need three years, on the average, before you can have your very first harvest. Before you can plant your grapes, you should also know that they are not like any ordinary crop. They need to grow in a plot that is deficient in nutrients. You heard that right. For purposes of wine making, you will need small grape fruits instead of the larger ones you eat for dessert. You see, the best wine flavor is produced not by the grape juice, but by the fruits skin.

Always remember that learning the ropes on how to grow grapes is the most essential part of wine making. After making sure that your grapes attain the right ripeness and are free from any diseases, you can begin harvesting and processing them into wine. You may need to add some ingredients like yeasts and other chemicals to help your wine attain the right acidity. The longest phase will always be the fermentation, which can last from four months to several years, but it's all downhill afterwards.

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About the Author: MJ James is a wine connesiuer. He enjoys tasting all types of wine, especially the ones he makes himself. Check out his videos at: Total Wine System. MJ is the author of the Total Wine System consisting of 3 eBooks: Grape Growing and Wine Making, The Frugal Wine Sippers Guide & Journal, & The Frugal Wine Sippers Dictionary of Wine Tasting Terms. For more information about Grape Growing & Wine Making and to get your FREE 10-part mini ecourse on how to create your own home made wine, please visit http://www.totalwinesystem.com

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Wine instruction can take many forms, from going to a wine tasting class, to reading books, or viewing dvd's. There are also many wine instruction classes that are taught at famous cooking schools and wineries throughout the world where travellers go to do a working vacation.


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